Pauline’s Story

Ideal PaulineI had just had my third child. With each child, I was having trouble keeping my pregnancy weight off. I knew that I had to do something. Fortunately, I found a solution that changed my life — Ideal Protein. I signed up for it and lost more than 40 pounds without being hungry and I was more energetic than I ever was before. Inspired by the success I had with the program, I made another life changing move and opened Ideal Pauline in 2011. My goal is to help all those people who are struggling with weight loss. Today we are one of the largest Ideal Protein centers in New Jersey.

I knew that I could do more to help uplift, validate and build the self-esteem of many people. Despite the ups and downs of the past year, it’s always beneficial to look at life through a positive lens, and this pandemic is no excuse. Ideal Pauline, now Ideal Pauline Weight Loss and Wellness Center has reached new heights post-pandemic, expanding into health and wellness like never before.

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